Real Estate Prices continue to rise into 2018

Zillow is showing a larger than average increase in values for homes in our subdivision!

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And in Other News



Hunters Pointe was selected as a recipient of the City of Farmington Hills Beautification Award for 2018. The placard is prominently displayed at our entrances.  

Hunters Pointe

Homeowners Ass​ociation

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Beautification Awards


Hunters Pointe Honored Again in 2018!


BIG News! 

Revised Declarations of Restrictions (DoR) and By Laws

The HPHA Board members began a journey in 2017 to unify and bring up to date our Declarations of Restrictions and By Laws.  This came about due to the frustration of both the residents and Board members needing clarity of those documents.  Board members, who are all homeowners in our subdivision, in conjunction with an attorney that is an expert in this field have completed documents that were drafted in the best interest of all residents of our beautiful subdivision. 

Presently, HPHA has six different DoR for the 204 homes.  Most subdivisions have a single document.  How did this happen?  Hunters Pointe was developed in six phases.  The documents were created by the Builder of each in the 80s.  Having six documents creates confusion for both potential and existing homeowners.  During our review, we found conflicting language between the six documents when it should be a single standard for the entire subdivision.  There was also language discussing development which will no longer happen as there is no longer any area to expand.

Further, as an example, our By Laws do not speak to today's lifestyles and the electronic age we live in.  We are no longer living in the early 80s.  Many residents have strongly voiced a preference for electronic communication as well as paper communication.  We have added that as a communication option as we currently have no provision for this in our outdated documents.

This lack of clarity and the outdated nature of our current DoR and By Laws hamper both the homeowners and HPHA alike.  Keeping our current documents is similar to having a thirty-year-old will.  

Because our old By Laws are very outdated and restrictive, we need to have 2/3 of the residents approve these so we can all move forward with the clarity these new documents will bring.  Please ensure you vote!

Click below for a memorandum that details the changes to our DoR & By Laws

Memo of Changes

Below are the newly drafted DoR and By Laws

Amended and Restated Declarations of Restrictions 

Amended and Restated By Laws

Hunters Pointe now has an electronic payments partner! 

Click Here for step-by-step instructions on how to use our new electronic

payments provider, PayLease.  

Updates on the 2019 road construction

Click below for the most up to date information on the road construction in our community.

City of Farmington Hills Road Projects

Financial Presentation from 2018 Annual Meeting 

Click below for the financial presentation at our yearend 2018 meeting.  

 ​PowerPoint Presentation