Hunters Pointe

Homeowners Ass​ociation

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Declaration of Restrictions

Please note:  Our Declaration of Restrictions documents are currently being revised.  Please go to the "News" tab for more information

Architectural Review and Approval Procedures

Hunters Pointe Homeowners Association consists of just over two hundred homes and seven different subdivisions.  Each subdivision has a similar, but different set of Declarations of Restrictions.  The Declaration of Restrictions are written agreements that restrict, or limit, the use or activities that may take place on property in a subdivision.  They are private agreements and are binding upon every current and future owner in a subdivision.  The intent of the document(s) is to preserve the residential character of the subdivision by maintaining beauty and creating consistency.  

Architectural review and approval of all additions, improvements and maintenance must adhere to the Declaration of Restrictions for your property. Hunters Pointe Homeowners Association's Architectural Director, John Fitzsimons, should be contacted in advance.  He may be reached at

The below Declaration of Restrictions were created by the builders of the seven different subdivisions.  Please choose the link below for the appropriate Declaration of Restriction for your home. (A new window will be opened.)  A map is included in each link to help you determine which subdivision your home resides.

Please note that in the future, the Board hopes to unify these Declarations of Restrictions into a single cohesive document that encompasses all subdivisions.

Hunters Pointe 1 and Hunters Pointe 2 Subdivisions Declaration of Restrictions

Hunters Pointe 3 Subdivision Declaration of Restrictions

Hunters Pointe 4 Subdivision Declaration of Restrictions

Hunters Pointe 5 Subdivision Declaration of Restrictions

Hunters Pointe 6 Subdivision Declaration of Restrictions

Hunters Pointe 7 Subdivision Declaration of Restrictions